Sibling Insanity: Middle Child

graphic: Leah Roemer and Evi Wu

graphic: Leah Roemer and Evi Wu

Being a middle child, is, to say the least, difficult. Let me be the first to say that siblings are not always alike. Shocker, I know. But for some reason, before people even meet me, they make their judgments and evaluate me based on who they think I am from their impressions of my older sister. However, given that we’re nearly polar opposites, 99 percent of the time they’re completely off.

On the other hand, I have a younger sister who I am always responsible for, for whom I have to be a “good role model.” Not only that, but she is always the one who gets the most attention, yet also the most lenience when doing “wrong” things. So wait, she’s allowed to watch hours upon hours of cartoons daily, but I can’t even play games for ten minutes?

Having both a younger and older sibling puts me in a position where I pretty much get the worst of both worlds. But of course, it’s not as if anyone really cares, because aren’t the oldest and youngest supposed to get the all of the attention?

However, that is not to say that being the middle child does not come with its perks. Probably the biggest bonus of having an older sister for me is that I get to ask her for advice and homework help. There’s something really nice in knowing that there’s someone I can go to for help and support no matter what, without fear of being judged or made fun of.

Having a little sister also isn’t that bad, considering the benefits that I can reap. Though it’s annoying always being held as a “role model” for her, I will admit that it also motivates me to be a better person. Also, though this reason is kind of terrible (only a little bit), it’s nice to have somewhere to dump my unwanted clothes and not feel too bad, because they’ll eventually be put back into use, right? Lastly, having a little sister is like having a personal assistant who gets my stuff for me! Why would I ever trudge down to the freezing cold basement to get a cold bottle of water when I have her around?

So, even if being a middle child makes me want to rip all of my hair out, the bonds I share with my sisters and the memories that we have together make everything worth it.