App of the Month: Dungeon Highway

photo courtesy: Nathan Drezner

Dungeon Highway is a retro-style eight-bit game that involves a running wizard who loves to shoot monsters. The player controls the wizard, who runs through the levels and maps of the game. Collecting different potions and power-ups while playing gives the wizard’s shots different powers, such as a stream of fireballs or a long-range fireball that can tear through multiple enemies. They can also transform every enemy into a points token, or double the size of the wizard, allowing a second life. A quest mode gives the player a level-based playing style, while an infinite mode remains difficult but satisfying. Tip: Avoid the red potion–it puts the fireballs back at their standard ability.

Free for iOS and Android.

It is also on Steam Greenlight, which means that it could be coming for Mac, PC, and Linux in the near future.