Season Wrap-Up

Girls Basketball:

“I’m proud of how much the team has improved from the beginning [of the season]. It’s been a [year for] rebuilding … with new coaches, and I think we’ve really started from the bottom and really improved.”

-Co-Captain Steph Hauer ’14

Boys Ice Hockey:

“Depth is a big problem. We only run two lines. If you want to have a good team you have to have at least three [lines]…We had a problem with penalties. We’ve been getting better at [not getting penalties], but I think it hurt us a few times.”

-Co-Captain Spencer Reynolds ’14


“The most memorable day was when we went 3–0 at a quad meet. So, it was three meets in one day, and we won all three, which hasn’t happened [to the team] in probably 15 years, so that was a pretty big deal.”

-James Gates ’14