Frozen on Broadway has potential in both plot and song

graphic: Gianna Kim

graphic: Gianna Kim

Transitioning from screen to stage is a difficult feat, and can often cause uproar from fans and critics alike. However, it is a feasible undertaking. It has recently been announced that Disney flick, Frozen, will be coming to Broadway within the next few years, and this news has critics wondering whether it will it be a hit or a miss. My opinion is that the transition of Frozen from screen to stage could definitely be a success. Frozen is the story of a girl, Anna, who teams up with a snowman named Olaf and a mountain man named Kristoff to find her sister, Elsa, who has been trapped in the wintry kingdom of Arendelle.  Frozen has become very successful as a movie since the November release with more than $4 billion in box office receipts, and its popularity has only grown since then. (has gained at least as much popularity as the original The Lion King film.) The film has already appealed to all ages, so another take on the story is bound to entertain the entire family.

A movie-turned-musical not only allows people to gain new perspectives on the characters, but also a new look at the plotline. While Frozen is well-known as a film, its popularity can be expanded even further throughout Broadway. New ideas and interpretations are introduced – something both new and old fans will enjoy. Transitioning the film to a new form of media also allows those who don’t typically watch movies enjoy the story, appealing to a wider audience and spreading the popularity to those who would not have watched the movie prior.

Sets establish the environment for the entire production, which makes them an important aspect of a show. From the snow-covered mountains to the detailed and grand Arendelle castle, the settings in Frozen were breathtaking even on-screen—the sets of Frozen will definitely be something worth watching when the play arrives in Broadway.

Another aspect that really stands out when a movie is brought to the stage is the costumes. In Frozen, I think the costumes will be simple yet beautiful. Costumes that are tasteful, yet not over the top, enhance the story while also bringing new interpretations and details to the plot. Keeping the costumes less exotic also allows for more focus on the music and not a distraction from the musical. One huge reason why I loved Frozen as much as I did was because it was all about the music, something a musical will definitely help emphasize.

Finally, a play is nothing without the cast members to carry out their parts, bringing their own twists and thoughts to the performance, advancing and driving the story forwards. Musically, live performances are so much more enjoyable because of the the vocals, and when I watched The Lion King, a fellow Disney movie-turned-musical, on Broadway, the element of real people performing made it more possible for me to both connect with the characters and enjoy the songs better than the movie. The movie score of Frozen is already fantastic, and the story will only become better with a live audience.

With all these different elements factoring in to reinforce the plotline, the show will be a big hit for young and mature audiences alike. When turned into a musical, Frozen’s characters, costumes, sets, and other new features will all come together to intensify the movie.