Random Musing: Winter Break

Random Musing-Tiffany Fang

graphic by Tiffany Fang

Winter break is a time for us to breathe. Some of our teachers won’t be giving us homework, and the ones who do will go easy on us (we hope!). Some of us are going to jet off to warm places, and come back with new profile pictures that show off our tans.

I’m staying in Princeton.

My to-do list is getting longer every day: there are cookies to eat, friends to catch up with, poems to write, conversations to start. I’m also trying to keep some time free for spontaneous TV marathons and dance parties—and falling asleep on the couch.

I looked on the school website today and remembered that break isn’t really called winter break. It’s winter recess. That’s like calling gym “physical education,” but it’s interesting to think about. I didn’t always like the un-structuredness of recess in elementary school; in third grade I stayed indoors a lot and ate lunch with our class rabbit. Now I have different feelings. Wouldn’t it be great if we had mandatory time for playing?

I’m going to take bike rides over break and spend time with my cousins. I’m going to stay up late to sing and wake up early to drink hot chocolate. Break, despite the homework and the inevitable fact that school has to start again the following Tuesday, is a recess.

So maybe I’ll see you in town. Maybe I’ll eat pancakes. Maybe it’s going to snow. Not knowing is the good part, and I’ll take it when I can get it.