So long, farewell

Dear Reader,

It seems like just yesterday that we were meeting for the first production of 2013 with the newly appointed Tower staff, courteous and unfamiliar with each other and unsure of exactly what the future was to bring. Fast forward ten months and here we are now, a veritable family, nearing the end of the calendar year and, for some, the end of our Tower careers. A lot has changed in the past year: this year has been transformative, challenging, and rewarding, and we hope what we have accomplished has impacted the publication in a positive and permanent manner.

We set out in February with a set of objectives, one of which was to establish an online presence to improve community access to our content. Although it has been a long time coming, we accomplished that last month with the launch of our new website, Not only have we made our news more accessible to everyone, but we have also left behind a legacy as the staff that first made the newspaper virtual.

In March, we attended the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Spring Convention, where we had the opportunity to not only attend workshops held by high school journalism experts and industry professionals, but also meet and converse with newspaper editors from around the country. Then, in November, we attended the fall conference for the first time in the Tower’s history, focusing on digital-media workshops to better prepare us for our approaching website launch.

We also met over the summer to create a new student issue that we distributed at the new student orientation. Our goal was to create a helpful, fun edition of our paper that would introduce new students to everything unique, bizarre, and exciting about PHS, which was well-received.

For some of us, this newspaper has maintained a constant presence in our lives since the fall of our freshman year. As seniors, this is the first of a series of goodbyes that we will brave as we prepare to leave high school behind.

It is undeniable that the Tower has had a significant impact on all of our high school careers. That impact has come from within the publication: it’s difficult for us to imagine life without hectic six-hour production days, endless drafts to read, and very little amounts of sleep. But an equal measure has come from without and is derived from you, our readers. Every month’s issue has been for you as much as it has been for us. Your achievements and opinions have served as the lifeblood of this paper, and we are honored to have been able to record your triumphs, failures, and growth over the past year.


The seniors of the Tower 2013