Thinking before you spend

Since its conception, money has been a device for fairness and efficiency. The issue many young people face, however, is that money becomes exceedingly easy for one to spend when it isn’t his own. This issue is only exacerbated by bank accounts, credit cards, and debit cards that depersonalize spending and make it more convenient. The French word for spending is depenser, de- meaning “not” or “lack of,” and -penser being the verb “to think.” I think the French have the hang of it, for we live in a world where one needs to think less and less about money, value, or saving. Spending and borrowing money have always been issues for me. I am fantastic at one and terrible at the other. I’m sure you can imagine which is which. My parents thought getting me a debit card would solve the issue of my spending habits and help them keep track of my spending. Wrong. Without even seeing the cash to consider its value, my spending went up enormously, and thus continued my relationship with money, and, as with all of my relationships in general, it was brief and poorly thought out.