Final sport recap: Volleyball

This season, over 40 girls came out eager to get the new girls volleyball program on its feet. After countless hours of practicing the basics and working its way into more advanced skills, the girls were able to pull out a win against Hopewell Valley. Although the team is done for this year, it is looking forward to strong seasons to come.

Some of the members had been playing volleyball for years prior to the start of the team and were excited to finally have the opportunity to represent the school. Girls such as Captain Lydia Bhattacharya ’15 worked hard to advocate for the creation of this much-anticipated volleyball program. “When I was a freshman, I was playing club volleyball and I was curious if there was a volleyball team here [at PHS],” she said. “When I found out there wasn’t [a team], I was definitely disappointed … Something need[ed] to change. Volleyball is a great sport [and] people should be able to play it.”

However, without the support of older members of the community, Bhattacharya knows that this dream may not have become a reality. “Ms. Manhart was able to help push [the creation of the team] forward and get the parents to back it up [as well],” Bhattacharya said.

Starting off on a good note with this season is a promising sign for the future of the team. Bhattacharya is pleased with the progress of all of the players, and knows that the girls will continue to improve in years to come. “We [have] got[ten] so much better, and we [are] really connected,” she said. “In the beginning of the season we would go on the court as individuals, [but] by the end of the season we came together as one team. It wasn’t ‘how will I improve?’ but ‘how can I help somebody else improve?’ [and] ‘how can we improve as a team?’”