Final sport recap: Football

Despite a 0–9 record and a lack of depth, the football team continues to move forward and is targeting future seasons for improvement.

“I feel like everybody [is still] doing the best they can and having a good time,” said Sam Smallzman ’15, who has been sidelined with an ACL injury. After starting preseason with fewer players than usual, the team has been hit hard by injuries. As a result, the coaches have had little choice but to start younger players, including those who have little to no experience on the field. “A lot of times we’ve had to put a first year player in a starting position or in a spot [he’s] never played before,” said Smallzman.

With a roster boasting just a few seniors, next year the football team will return many key players who have benefited from valuable game time this season. “A lot of the younger players have had to step up,” said Smallzman, “so the future is looking better.”