Athlete of the Month: Allison Hubert, Girls tennis

Photo by Sarah Tian

Photo by Sarah Tian

This fall, the girls tennis team was led by Co-Captain Allison Hubert ’14. As a doubles player and the sole senior on varsity this year, she contributed to many of the team’s wins during the season.

One of Hubert’s best games was at the state tournament. “The semifinal match was probably my best because we did well against a pretty good team—Chatham,” said Hubert. The team won 3.5–1.5 and Hubert, and her partner Nikhita Salgame ’16 won their doubles match 6–2, 6–4.

Hubert first started the sport when she was seven years old, but at the time, it was just one of the many sports in which she was involved. “I played a lot of different sports when I was little, like basketball, but tennis was just something that I really enjoyed,” she said. “I started and I never really stopped.”

Tennis is more of an individual sport, so many players tend to practice drills outside of school to improve their skills. Hubert was no different. “I used to practice [at] Hopewell Valley Tennis and Princeton Racquet Club,” she said.

Even so, the varsity tennis team, small in comparison to other varsity teams, is tightly knit. “Many people don’t realize how close the team is,” she said. “We do a lot of team bonding and it’s fun because I get to spend time with six of my best friends.”

An athlete who has inspired her is Serena Williams. “Not only is she a great player, but she’s also more mentally stable now, which I think is important when playing in any large tournament,” said Hubert.

As for the future, Hubert has not yet decided whether or not she will be playing in college. “I’m not getting recruited by any colleges, but I might walk on to a [Division III] school, depending [on] where I get in. I think I will play club tennis, though.”

What would you want to be in the Guinness Book of World Records for? The fastest woman in the world
One app on your phone you can’t live without? Candy Crush
Favorite Thanksgiving food? Sweet potatoes and marshmallow
A teacher you wish you had all four years of high school? Madame Parker
Favorite club at PHS? Food blog club
If you were president for a day, what would you do? I’d make a national no-homework day.